Friday, October 12, 2018

Quilt/Tile Design Project

Quilt/Tile Floor Project

You will be making a scale model of a quilt or tile floor you design. The quilt/floor will be made using patterned craft paper and a solid color border. You will find the area and perimeter of the overall quilt/floor, the border, and the body of the quilts/floors. There are many details to this project so you will have to keep everything labeled and organized. You must use formulas with the solutions steps shown. All paper used on this project will be provided by the teacher!


*Make a design using 3-4 geometric shapes that tessellate or create a pattern. Be sure the design fits in a rectangular shape measuring 6x8 in.

*Determine the dimensions of each individual shape.

*Find the area and perimeter of each shape.

*Find the area of the border.


*Create a border for the design 11/2 inch in width.

*Find the area and perimeter (inside and outside measurement) of the border. Show how you found the answers using formulas.

Final Project:

You will be handing in the quilt/floor design with all the information mounted on 1 piece of 12x18 paper. You are being graded on the following (100 pts):

*Complete design with border (25pts)
*Labels and work showing how area and perimeter were found for each component using formulas (30 pts)
*Neatness and organization (15 pts)
*Aesthetics (15 pts)
*Completion of work on due dates (15 pts)

Due Dates:

10/15 Design plan draft approved by teacher
10/19 Border completed (measured, trimmed) with area and perimeter work shown
10/24 Design completed (cut, glued, measured) with formula work showing area and perimeter
10/26 All components completed, brought to class ready to be mounted for final project

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